Nautilus E614 Elliptical Traine Review


With a 20-inch walk length and 22 distinctive exercise programs, the Nautilus E614 is ideal for the entire family. Observe, be that as it may, it just contains two client profiles, so it may be a superior purchase for a couple or a family with kids who aren’t mature enough for exercise center quality gear yet. The E614 accompanies acoustic chambered speakers that convey a spotless, enormous sound while the grasp heart rate will give fairly precise readings to protect you solid and amid your ride. On the off chance that you are searching for a full-shading console or a wide assortment of adaptable alternatives, at that point the E614 won’t not be your most logical option. In any case, in case you’re prepared for a dependable, solid elliptical that bodes well from the minute you expel it from the case, at that point you’re in for a treat with the E614.


One of the more established ellipticals offered by Nautilus, the E614 is as yet pitching solid on account of its ageless solidness, highlights and agreeable value run. You will discover 22 exercise programs on the E614 and in addition a DualTrack™ show to take into consideration comes about following while likewise getting a charge out of amusement on a tablet or with a book/magazine.


It can be precarious to gather. A few clients have battled with balancing out the framework, prompting minor damage. There is additionally no Bluetooth capacity on the E614, not at all like its more current kin like the E616.

Outline The Nautilus E614 has stood the trial of time through two incarnations of itself, both of which give more grounded highlights and greater adaptability. Regardless of this, the E614 remains a well known dealer because of its quality development, long life notoriety and the capacity to test and push both tenderfoot and master elliptical clients. Somewhat flimsy on occasion, generally the development of the E614, (when collected legitimately), is solid and will bring physical outcomes with steady utilize.

Our Favorite Features

Some of our most loved parts of the Nautilus E614 elliptical:

  • DualTrack LCD window framework so you can keep tabs on your development while likewise getting a charge out of a read on your tablet or in a magazine.
  • Objective following and information trading through Nautilus Connect.
  • Charging station for telephone and tablet, and additionally the capacity to exchange information to different wellness customers
  • 22 exercise programs concentrating on an assortment of wellness angles
  • Extensive footplates with quality padding
  • 20 levels of protection

Our Least Favorite Features

A couple of drawbacks to the Nautilus E614:

  • The six-position incline change is manual, not fueled
  • Set walk length of 20″ is perfect for most, yet certainly not all body writes
  • Hard to collect with numerous different parts upon entry
  • Client weight point of confinement of just 300 lbs – lighter than contending brands
  • Unremarkable guarantee

The Bottom Line

The Nautilus E614 is an all around respected machine that lives in many home rec centers. When you’re searching for an elliptical choice that doesn’t include colossal cost or confused highlights, the E614 is an extraordinary decision. With transport wheels for simple movement, it’s optimal for a private habitation, yet it’s still expansive and sufficiently strong to contend with business models. Moveable handlebars keep your abdominal area drew in while your lower half works the pedals, and the included chambered speakers play your most loved tunes intense and clear.

The low-desire guarantee of 10 years outline, 2 years mechanical and 1 year electrical is a bummer, just like the 90 day restrain on work. Be that as it may, since Nautilus is such a confided in mark, you can rest guaranteed you likely won’t experience much issue with this elliptical.

For the individuals who love to sweat as they ride, the three-speed cooling fan will prove to be useful, as will ergonomically-put segments all through that enable you to push hard without gambling damage.

When you’re waiting to pounce for a quality, moderate elliptical machine that will genuinely continue throughout the years, consider the Nautilus E614. It’s dependable, understood and in the ideal value go for the individuals who are both new and very much prepared with regards to home exercise center elliptical machines.

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