Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical Review 2018


The Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical is one of the world’s least expensive elliptical mentors. It’s a little wellness machine, being lightweight and consuming up little room. It can hold up to 220 pounds yet proprietors exhort that around 150 pounds is a superior breaking point. The Aero Air elliptical has moving arm bars and is intended for add up to body preparing with eight protection settings.

“Shabby” portrays the $99 deal cost as well as the general quality. The Aero Air Elliptical weighs only 55 pounds, so it’s around 75% lighter than a standard home elliptical coach. The light weight is incompletely accomplished with the utilization of plastic rather than metal parts. In examination with run of the mill elliptical mentors, the entire machine is stripped-down as well. For instance, the flywheel is generally light, the walk is short and the reassure is to a great degree fundamental. The bargains made in planning this machine can bring about uneasiness; a student may slouch over, for example, in light of the fact that the machine isn’t estimated suitably for their tallness. A shabby elliptical coach can cause damage through dreary movement and furthermore on the off chance that it abruptly breaks amid utilize.

The deal cost for this Exerpeutic elliptical machine is difficult to beat, yet proprietors tend not to portray the machine as “agreeable” and learners might chance their security. We emphatically recommend spending the $99 on a rec center enrollment rather, or setting something aside for a more secure and more sturdy choice for at-home broadly educating.


While other elliptical coaches emerge for toughness and highlights, the Exerpeutic Aero Air emerges for low value: This $99 unit is the least expensive elliptical mentor on our review site. Another engaging quality is its compactness. The Aero Air’s impression is only 33″ x 19″ and transport wheels are connected.


Injury is a danger of utilizing ultra-modest elliptical coaches. Some potential physical issues purportedly connected with utilization of this model are sprained or stressed lower legs, knee torment and back agony. Damage could happen when the machine all of a sudden breaks, or after some time because of poor ergonomics. In various reviews of this Exerpeutic elliptical clients report that pedals have snapped off amid work out. Some other conceivable downsides of picking this item are low quality control and difficult to-achieve client benefit.

Synopsis This crosstrainer’s low cost may be enticing, yet proprietors caution about issues and torment. The Exerpeutic is a shabby elliptical regarding cost as well as far as quality and execution. Spending even more can bring fundamentally better exercise encounters.

Our Favorite Features

  • Minimized size makes the Aero Air elliptical advantageously measured for littler homes
  • Movable pressure has eight manual settings
  • Moving handlebars add to a full-body exercise
  • Rebate estimating makes this elliptical fit nearly anybody’s financial plan

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Low quality development with plastic parts can represent a risk if the machine breaks amid utilize
  • Short and non-flexible walk just backings the characteristic stride length of a little level of US grown-ups; individuals of normal and taller statures particularly report uneasiness
  • Stripped down screen does not have a customizable calorie counter (it accept a default body weight) nor exercise programming
  • No reassure for holding a book, tablet PC, telephone or water bottle
  • Support required consistently; need to fix the jolts to avoid/lessen wobbling and squeakiness
  • Quality control is poor with numerous client reviews of the Exerpeutic elliptical revealing that the wrong pieces were delivered or that pieces don’t fit together as planned
  • Client benefit isn’t generally promptly accessible amid ordinary business hours

The Bottom Line

The Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical is greatly shabby in both cost and quality. Based on client reviews and industry measures, the machine’s low quality as far as biomechanics and development may represent a peril to students.

For a thought of what’s low-estimated yet kinder to the body, see our arrangements of elliptical best purchases.

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