ElliptiGO 8C Review

ElliptiGO 8C

Imagine a scenario in which you could run 20 miles for every day and never be sidelined by wounds - or appreciate low-affect open air practice without sitting on a bicycle situate for quite a long time at any given moment.

The ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle has the adaptability to give you the activity experience you're searching for, regardless of whether you are an aggressive competitor hoping to enhance your cardiovascular wellness or somebody who needs to appreciate agreeable and fun outside exercise. The ElliptiGO 8C is the most mainstream elliptical bicycle on the planet for one reason – it's the ideal mix of cost and execution. With a long walk length, running-like movement and wide rigging range, the 8C is the elliptical bicycle of decision for everybody from expert competitors to wellness aficionados to recreational riders. Regardless of whether you are hoping to pound a short interim exercise, ride a century or voyage the area for the sake of entertainment, the 8C will convey the experience you're chasing.



Keep running without effect.

Most well known model conveys the ideal mix of cost versus execution.

Utilized by everybody from Olympic competitors to recreational riders.

Can climb any slope a street bicycle can climb.

Fun, agreeable, and simple to ride while conveying an unbelievable exercise.

Client Reviews

By Adam Engst

I've ridden an ElliptiGO solely since April 2013, and more than a few thousand miles have observed it to be enormous fun, a fantastic exercise, and an extraordinary approach to get a few miles in without the effect of running - it's the following best thing to running in case you're harmed. I incline toward it to a customary bicycle on the grounds that there's no distress in all the exemplary sore spots for biking - butt, neck, arms, hands - and in light of the fact that you get an incredible view when standing upright, instead of taking a gander at the asphalt. It's anything but difficult to get used to on the grounds that you're standing up, and we as a whole know how to adjust standing superior to sitting at any rate.

It's around 30% harder (and in this way slower) than biking because of the weight and absence of streamlined position, however that just improves it an exercise, and I can in any case keep up around 15 mph on the pads on the off chance that I work at it (I did a 100 mile ride averaging 14.8 mph with little trouble). With the 8-speed center point, I've possessed the capacity to get up even the steepest slopes - all things considered, what do you do on a bicycle to climb a precarious slope? You stand up, yet you're now remaining on an ElliptiGO. You can't go downhill as quick as biker can, because of the additional wind resistance, yet regardless i've hit 40 mph drifting down on truly soak slopes - fortunately, the brakes are solid.

Drawbacks? There's no place to join panniers, so you can't convey as much as on a bicycle. What's more, you'll need a unique rack to put it on your auto (or you'll need to put it inside, which is possible however fastidious). You can't take an ElliptiGO on trails, and you won't have any desire to ride much on soil streets, since getting a modest stone in the tracks makes terrible clamors. You should have one hand on the handlebars at all circumstances - no riding sans hands. What's more, obviously, you must will to clarify about the ElliptiGO to each biker you meet in light of the fact that everybody asks similar inquiries (the greater part of which I'm replying here). Goodness, and you can't draft off bikers, however they can draft off you.

Almost anything that could turn out badly mechanically depends on standard bicycle parts, so there's no inconvenience getting the ElliptiGO adjusted at your nearby bicycle shop, and the bolster individuals at ElliptiGO are additionally first class and willing to help you with any issues you may have over email or the telephone.

Doubtlessly you'll emerge on an ElliptiGO, yet unless you're frightfully timid, that is an or more as well, since autos give careful consideration to you. Strangely, llamas I've passed additionally appear to see the ElliptiGO more than bikers or runners. Also, everybody likes llamas.

By Rodney H

My significant other has an old knee and back damage from her school ball days and I have plantar fasciitis from running and general over utilize. Our specialist has been disclosing to us that we are destroying! To keep up a sound "personal satisfaction" for a considerable length of time to come, he prescribed that we utilize an elliptical exercise and to take up biking to broadly educate. I like biking, however every spring my "rear" needs to adjust to the excruciating procedure of starting up after the long winter and staying inside to exercise on an elliptical is not my top pick. We saw the Elliptigo on their site and chosen to try it out. We settled on the 8C since we have slopes to climb. We were promptly snared and it turned into our most loved exercise. It was additionally rapidly obvious that we would require two. We appreciate riding together and we particularly cherish the looks that we get riding them. I have been halted by numerous companions, neighbors, and even outsiders, all needing to give the Elliptigo a spin. The things that we like the most are:

1. You don't need to wear exceptional apparel as you do biking (bicycle shorts and shoes). You simply put your protective cap on and go and obviously there is no seat soreness!

2. We adore the low effect on our knees and feet. After a decent ride our muscles are sore yet our joints are most certainly not!

3. We are outside!

4. We adore the way that we are standing up and can see our general surroundings.

5. The greatest astonishment was the exercise that your arms and back get.

6. Finally, I have needed to call the organization a few times about some fast inquiries. Wonderful client benefit!

Our recommendation is to get out there… … .and to do it on an Elliptigo!

By JM144

I began running in the 70's and ran Track in school and later for the Santa Monica Track Club. I prepared for the Olympics from 1970-84 and had mentors that had us run upward of 100 miles seven days. I am not a little person. My hustling weight was 175 and that is a great deal for one's knees. So I wound up with next to zero meniscus in the knees.

The doc's constrained my running yet the issue is that once running gets into you it is practically difficult to dispose of the bug. There is not at all like being outside and alone with your considerations beating the asphalt. Following a couple of more years of not tuning in to my orthopedist he said no more or you will be on the table with a knee substitution or two. I took the following couple of years had a go at running/fartlexing two days seven days rather than consistently and supplemented that with biking and the elliptical. My principle issue is that Exercising inside is not the same as being outside. You feel as if your wings have been cut when you need to remain inside. Be that as it may, following a year running/fartlexing I was lessened to remaining inside constantly or riding a bicycle. My knees just couldn't take the beating. About a year or so prior A companion of mine acquaint me with the Elliptigo and I should state it has been a distinct advantage. I ride it practically consistently. What I like about it is its full scope of movement. It's as near a genuine running movement as I can get without running. It likewise works your center particularly in the event that you do slope rehashes. With the Elliptigo I can likewise do interim preparing, fartlexs, simple, beat runs or long simple keeps running of upwards of two or three hours. It has permitted be to prepare without the knee strain. I have even possessed the capacity to take the Elliptigo on a warm up ride 15-20 mins then run abit. The Elliptigo has given me back "that running feeling ". It is not at all like whatever else I have each attempted. Bicycles, rollerblades, and so on simply don't approach the inclination you get from the GO. The Elliptigo gives me that since of achievement that I once had when I was preparing hard. I adore it and would like to ride it into my nineties. On account of the individuals who created it. BRAVO

By Marathoner262

I've had my 8C pretty much two years and ridden a huge number of miles. I'm an ace runner who was searching for that "edge" over people around me in my age gathering of runners, and....this is the ticket! Presently I can take a broadly educating day without dread of loosing my wellness! Actually, it has just upgraded it b/c I get an equivalent, if worse cardio exercise on days when I shouldn't pound "the asphalt". I frequently utilize it as an optional exercise on hard days, or simply utilize only it when the body needs a break between preparing seasons as it keeps that abnormal state of cardio going. Beside the wellness bene's, this is a great assembled bit of hardware! I've never had an issue with the nature of the item. What's more, the client benefit in Solana Beach from ElliptiGO has been absolutely AWESOME! I had a little glitch with my back center point at a certain point. Be that as it may, when I called the administration group, they put forth a couple of inquiries, yet dealt with it immediately! When they decided I required a back center point substitution, inside one week ElliptiGO sent a fresh out of the box new back center point get together with a prepaid name for me to restore my current one! Now that is WOW benefit!! In case you're not kidding about broadly educating or need a truly incredible approach to accomplish top of the line wellness, you won't be baffled with this buy ever! You might delay on a buy because of the sticker price, however think about this as an interest in SO MANY WAYS!! Presently, what are you enduring for....get there and "GO" on your ElliptiGO!!

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